Tuesday 24 October 2017

 REVIEW: OLANE - Journey into dark worldly music

One thing I love being introduce to is music that instantly captivates you right off the bat. An empowering voice that lures you into a story, just as the music is the key elixir that intoxicates you, and together you simply fall into a deep meditation of enlightenment. The name ‘Olane’ has even put that spell on me. Honestly, diverse names often have that condition on me. Makes me hungry to find out more what it entails through listening.

Music like this truthfully should not have that label in any genre in my opinion -- an infectious song like this already stands alone in its uniqueness; why, attempt to clarify its originality. I commend the song producers, Heli Andrea (from the metal band Mobius) and Quentin Thomas, for creating this stunning song. In addition, I am bewitched at these results recorded and mixed by Raphael James, who I think wholehearted enhanced it perfectly.

However, no song cannot stand out unless you promote it with the right illustrated art. Even the typography has to keep that enchantment. Through and through, I feel the choices made to build my interest already for this musical project has been achieved by Vincent Fouquet illustrated depiction.

In conclusion, we culturally seek to unify ourselves through the spirit of song. This song definitely unites me outside my traditional listening and into whole new world. I look forward to hearing more future produce songs from these impressionable creative weavers of music.

Review by: Sasha George


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OLANE-1289954651110840
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxR8WKc_Y7o&feature=youtu.be