Review: Unsolved Supernaturals | Ryan Bergara & Shane Madej

By sheer happenstance on YouTube I found a show that has merged two of my favorite topics (Supernatural and History) together in a well balance outcome. That show is through Buzzfeed called Unsolved Supernaturals. Where the two show host, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, are ongoing investigators seeking to find if ghost are real. There are other supernatural perspectives they share aside from ghost, such as – Aliens, Bermuda Triangle, and Big foot to name a few.

What makes this show stand out more so than others do is truthfully how well it has been piece together for viewers? First step to this mastery is the intro, which identifies where you will be with Ryan and Shane.

Ryan is the believer in most cases throughout the show. He is often nervous, taking precaution about how he needs to discover sliver of truth that a ghost is true. Where Shane is the personality host that tries to debunk the facts that there is no way ghost could be logical, but once in a great while a circumstance leaves them both at an impasse of agreeing it is a possibility.

What I marvel a lot over is the switch of mood during the program. One moment you are in a deep historical guidance from Ryan’s voice and great-animated visuals that applies to the building, those who died, and how the ghost may have reasons to haunt the area. Then immediately through the history lesson you have Ryan and Shane injecting their humorous talk about the pros and cons to basic what, how, why, and are you serious theories. Keeping a viewer on the edge of their seat from the seriousness, and witty humorous commentary that can only result in inspiring you to laugh, but more so along the possibility to rethink how easy legend can be misconstrue over time.

Is that it -- you, ask? Nope, because after the history lesson you are immediately whisked off to that specific location to watch Ryan and Shane provoke the ghost (even to a point asking them to slay or harm either one of them just for proof factor), or fascinating enough observe them dressing/speaking in that era to draw the ghost out. Of course, there is the spirit box that Ryan invites ghost to speak. I find it hysterical Shane refuses to avoid using it as if it where the plague.

Lastly, the two definitely have a close classic friend relationship between each other. Ryan and Shane make you laugh so hard at even the juvenile practice too purposely leave one another longer in the dark. Specifically entertaining the fact, you might see one of them piss their pants. Who doesn’t like a good jokester fright? Over all their personalities, make one dynamic unity that keep me infatuated one what they will provide in each episode.

Friends to the end, right? Just might happen if the ghost(s) win in the end.

My review on this show is definitely five stars when it comes to a well thought program to keep you coming back for that sixth sense tiny hair raising goosebumps. Beauty of this is they have also expanded to Unsolved True Crime. Check it out on their YouTube page.

Below I have listed two of my favorite episodes. Frankly, I adore each episode and I will let you discover which one entertains your beliefs.

Written By: Sasha George