Review: Rosie Tran and Friends

If you love to laugh then you really need to venture to one of Laugh Atonics comedy shows, featured at the Rec Room Comedy Club in Huntington Beach, California, where the atmosphere is inviting. This nights comedians were spot on and had the crowd roaring with laughs. We heard the different stylings of comedians John Johnson, Mark Gonzales, RJ Sains, Greg Roque, and Keith Reza, before our comedic actress Rosie Tran, of National Lampoon and the hit comedy series “Raising Hope” took over.

This lineup was great. We heard funny speaks about being a quick thinker, and how does one on the spectrum get unstuck from the “Friends Zone” to, you don't want a service dog to be a better human than the human. We even heard funny bone takes on the different versions singers sometimes do for the National Anthem.

All who took stage had the audience chuckling pretty good, as we readied for the main headliner of the night, Rosie Tran, to be front and center. Her anticipating antics did not disappoint and were highlighted throughout her show. She wowed the crowd with her animated hysterics on how her mom really owned a nail salon for fifteen years, and she performed the funniest story skits about it, along with driving antidotes and hitting a black bear. Rosie Tran had belly laughs coming at her, as she gave a hyper delivery and engaged the crowd. She is truly a headliner who lives up to her game. Make sure to catch any of the amazing comedians when you can. They will make your night, as they help you laugh about life.

Written By: Dilly Brigs