Interview: Face Value Comics

In this day and age, there are many different forms of comic books and their heroes, none, however, that we have seen encompass heroes with ASD and other forms of these advantages, as their main featured comic book hero character's positive power. Most would touch on these differences as a negative.

Face Value Comics is the first online and printed publication business site, to create and base its' comic book heroes' abilities, as just such...powerful positive abilities.

Creators Angela Kot, David Kot and Preston Owens accumulatively, have come up with a way to create and bring forth light and entertainment, to a whole other side of community, who love to read and collect comics but who do not have a hero like themselves to look up to or identify with...until now that is.

In the Face Value Comics “SteamPunch'd” publication, their heroes deal with standing against misunderstandings as much as they face other intellectual arch nemeses. This is a must see publication that is truly doing its' part to help fill a gap, that has gone open and unfulfilled way too long. Without giving too much away, please check out the audio interview conducted with the extravagantly talented artists, Mr. David Kot and Mr. Preston Owens, and hear in-depth for yourselves, why they came up with such a concept and what they did to execute and put it into action for all readers out there. They truly are an inspiration to others who may live and think outside the box, themselves. I Dilly Brigs, am one of these families and definitely recommend this site to any who enjoy comics, heroes, and positive messages within our own communities.