Johnny Zurba/ Casey Royer Garage Rehab Unveiling. With Richard Rawlings and the Garage Rehab Crew

Recently Richard Rawlings and his talented team of automotive engineers of the “Gas Monkey Garage” (Dallas Texas) were in Orange County, California. They were here for the big unveiling of Johnny Zurba / Casey Royers shop for their television show “Garage Rehab.”

Rawlings has two shows “Fast 'N' Loud” and “Garage Rehab” that air on national television on the Discovery Channel. “Fast 'N' Loud” follows Rawlings as he wheels and deals to purchase and fix up old roadsters and hotrods, turning them into masterful muscle cars, to sell back to automotive enthusiasts at auctions for profit. Whereas “Garage Rehab” they choose from submissions, to have the team come out, assess and redo/overhaul said chosen garage, to bring it up to par to attract new clientele, and hopefully help turn it into a profitable business.

This episode of “Garage Rehab” was filmed at the Zurba Industries in Huntington Beach California, for the divulging of Zurba Industries refreshed garage. Royer, is one of the original founding members of the infamous Punk band, Social Distortion, and also of Radolecents, and DI fame. Known to the music community as one of the Godfathers of OC Punk. P.S. They played at this disclose.

The Subject Press was there at the live filming to witness first hand, and get some rockin' behind the scene footage, of how one of Richard Rawlings “Garage Rehab” unfolds. These men were very down to earth for the statue they hold, and both Rawlings and
Royer were gracious enough to speak with us on record, about this event and what goes into these shop remodels.

Make sure to click on those attached audios and hear what they have to say in their own words, as everyone has a “Subject” to tell... and this one is theirs. Look for this episode to air on the Discovery channel sometime soon.

This is Dilly Brigs saying, we will be watching for this airing installment, and hope you do too.

@TeamGoon13 for D.I.