A Night Of Laughs With Dat Phan and guests

The Rec Room Comedy Club in Huntington Beach, California, knows how to book a great line up of laughs with some fantastic comics. This night, had a bonus as the talented musicians of the band “The Black Whiskey Union" played before the comedic host of the evening, Evan Cassidy, came out with a good round of funnies himself, before and in-between introducing the other comics of the night. Including the hilarious, side busting, special event featured headliner, Dat Phan.

Comedians RJ Sains, Dustin Kennedy, Evan the Cassman Cassidy, Lynn Dilmani, Keith Reza and special guest Dat Phan (original winner of Last Comic Standing, and of Comedy Central, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno) all performed to a packed house full of anticipation, ready to laugh hard and spill drink from their chuckling mouths.

Each opening comic had their own brand of comedy stylings that got laughs and snorts out of the expecting crowd, including our own group. We snickered and snorted at jokes across the spectrum, ranging from fun names and stalkers to a very stressing Santa, ER nursing confessions, and autism funny, that most wouldn't realize can be so giggling... Then came Dat Phan.

When this Comedy Central, comedic genius took the stage, all eyes and ears were on him. Dat Phan speaks perfect English, but some of Phan's comedic traits are based on what his mother thinks of his career choice and tells her side of his life on stage while mimicking her accent on the English language. He also jokingly points out many of the different Asian cultures and people's reactions to not knowing certain set cultured ways. Such as what to do, if dating a white girl who doesn't know what “PHO” is. “HA!”

The audience's reaction to Dat Phan animated actions and the way he was able to utilize their active participation, was priceless!

The best jokes come from living life and how you can portray it to others while on stage and these comics delivered at the top of their game all too well.

I'm Dilly Brigs saying, next time the “Subject” of funny comes up, make sure to catch any of these said comedians, they'll crack you up, especially Dat Phan. The audience couldn't get enough belly aching laughter, from this hysterical headliner of the night

Written By: Dilly Brigs