Community: TACA Conference with Keynote advocate speaker Erin Brockovich

One of the most important things about being a differently challenged family is, being able to receive services for our loved ones who need it....and in addition, to understand what's going on, in a world different than what society is used to as the norm. It's hard to know how to start this very personal journey....a journey most don't plan on and is very individualized. The majority of families do not know what information is best geared for our children or how to start receiving necessary services...or even what is the right option, as many don't feel they have many options, to begin with

However, that is where non-profit places like TACA come into play. TACA is a non-profit Autism organization started by Lisa Akerman... a mom who also living this family life had that understanding of needing to find the right places, the right information and needing to connect and share said information with other families, living similar situations. Every year TACA holds a three-day conference at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, California featuring keynote advocate speakers and specialized Neurologists, therapists, nutritionists, etc. All holding presentations, covering all aspects of learning about Autism.... and other diagnoses as well, but predominant in Autism. Giving families a place to turn to for resources and help in that manner. This year's keynote speaker was a huge community advocacy influence on many, the tough nosed-never give up- Erin Brockovich. Her keynote speech on advocacy was amazing and standing ovation worthy. She left you with a feeling of being able to tackle any tough challenge and put down in life and gave a confidence that radiated the room. Brain specialist Dr. Amen was amongst the specialty neurologists speakers at this conference as well and a favorite amongst this community.

This year regional granted me a scholarship to attend said three-day conference, that thousands from all over attend, TACA offers them as well. Whilst there, I was able to catch up and speak with Simran Mangat Garcia, a strong-willed woman who runs the Orange County Chapter division and holds meetings for the community to help clarify confusing questions. She is someone who's meetings many attend, to learn about the navigational issues that can also come up in IEP's and 504's and the normal lingo associated with differently abled families. If you know the lingo then you will understand the need for these places and the people that run them to help their fellow mankind, as many in charge of it, live it too. Click on Simran Mangat Garcia's interview and see what it's all about and how you too can find the resources TACA offers. Thank you TACA, Lisa Akerman, and all involved for all you do, because this is a “Subject” many can relate to.

Written By: Dilly Brigs