The Rec Room with Aida Rodriguez, Keith Reza and friends

It was a night of hard-hitting laughs at the cool new sleek comedy club, The Rec Room, in Huntington Beach, California. The Rec Room emblem shined with a bright blue glow on the front doors, where we held our first interview of the night with funny man Keith Reza. Reza tells us about his ongoing podcast and of several of the big name comics that he himself has been able to interview and get more information out, about whatever projects they have coming up. Along with the other things he's working on now. Make sure to click on that interview and check out what he has going on and where you can follow him to catch his next show.

All the comedians this night, Patrick Leborio (of Austin Powers) Jonny Laquasto, Host (afterbuzz TV, Comedy Central, Irvine and Brea Improv) Hunter Hill who is set to play Carnegie Hall and tours with Illiza Shelisinger) Richard Barba (headliner) Keith Reza of Reza Rifts, and of course the hilarious headlining Aida Rodriguez (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing ) brought some serious huge laughs and were fantastically funny! They had the whole room in a roar by the end of the night. Each comic had their own unique style of comedy, from story delivery to the punchline, and had the crowd laughing hard. They are all definitely worth seeing again and again.

After watching funny, side aching, capture-ous comedians of all walks, Aida Rodriguez was gracious enough to grant us an on-camera interview after the show.... courtesy of Keith Reza setting that up for Subject Press readers. (An extra shout out to Mr. Reza, in appreciation) We know why everyone loves Ms. Rodriguez so, as her comedy stylings are hysterically relateable to many of us, in our everyday lives. We appreciate the raw honesty in her parenting jokes, as they are straight to the punch. And her takes on things nowadays, seem on point but with the lighthearted expertise of finding the funny on how to deal with life. In other words... Laugh about life and find the best of it for yourself.

Make sure to click on both the interviews in this review and learn about how Aida Rodriguez along with other comedic heavy hitters, are using comedy to raise funds to send much-needed relief to the people of Puerto Rico. Please donate where you can, if possible. Though this night was full of hysterics, and side tickling jokes, we left with a message of needing to bond together and helping each other out. So make sure to go out and support your local comics and artists as many do what they can to promote and support community back.

I'm Dilly Brigs saying, everyone has a “Subject” to tell, and this night's subject was based on some of the stories our hosting comics graciously shared with us. So catch all of these comedic gurus when you can. You won't regret it.