On Location: The Thunderous Roar of A Thousand Horses

At a packed house, in a squished intimate setting, A Thousand Horses fans converged in amped up anticipation at the Slidebar Rock and Roll venue for a surprise free show. The crowd was thick but I had a secured spot to rock with friends amongst fans up front, when the thunderous roar of A Thousand Horses took and shook the stage on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017. The twinkling twilight stage is small, so the men of  A Thousand Horses easily filled the space with their appealing southern appearance and calling voices, but there was no room for the angelic sounding harmonizing ladies of the group to join them. Although the ladies were missed being seen, the crammed crowd swaying to their sexy sound got over it, as the band opened with the newest and most energetic track “Burn Like Willie” from their newest EP “Bridges.” Which got the place pumped.

Their performance was tight and the music just right as fans danced openly to every song this night. A Thousand Horses raised the bar on performance in a small place as everything about their show and sound was appealing. They definitely intensified the electricity in the air when they played. I could feel the static off others, being in such close quarters, as I waited for drinks at that bar, then had to brush my way through the charged-up crowd back to my little group. But it was all good.

The crowd's reaction to the new EP's tracks such as “First Time” and “Preachin' To the Choir” showed how much this musical family (so to speak) are loved, and although the announcement of this free show was not out long, the Slidebar was overrun with excited local and non-local A Thousand Horses fans. One person said she had just traveled to Nashville to see them, and the little group we met and assimilated with, Emily Hughes and Roberta Jaime, had both seen them a number of times themselves. Together we experienced the rest of A Thousand Horses awesomeness as they delivered what we all love about their country rock and their good ole' "Southernality" way of doing things.

I'm Dilly Brigs saying, if you love your country music with some heart and soul in it, then you will love A Thousand Horses southern style of sound.