Interview: Visiting Visitor -- Where they are now.

The stage name, Downtown Joey Brown, still rings familiar to many in the music industry and fans alike. That name came from Joey Barrios forming and being the guitarist for the 90's Metal band Visitor.

This popular head banging band had consisted of Downtown Joey Brown rhythm guitar, E.K. Wright bass, Kirk Schultz vocals, Rob Skylar lead guitar, and Stone Man Tony Stanley drums. Many of these talented musicians stayed somewhere in the music industry to this day. Some teach some promote, while others continued on with successful bands and solo careers of their own.

I know about these artists because they are the band family of friends I grew up with and accredit with helping give me such a love of live music shows. When Visitor played, they lit up the stage and engaged the crowd with excitement. They were the band that opened for many big names, such as Testament, Warrior, and Lizzy Borden and got the crowd riled up. We caught up Joey recently and our producer thought it would be a wonderful idea to see where the members are now. Check out our interview with Mr. Downtown Joey Brown himself, and see what he has to say, along with a bonus call from drummer, Stone Man Tony Stanley.

I'm Dilly Brigs saying, check out Visitor, and see what the fuss was all about.