On Location Review: Odin Shreds At Slide

For those who followed hard, heavy 80's metal music, chances are you followed, Odin.
This long haired, hard track playing wildly popular LA metal band, had the whole hot Sunset Strip look and charisma down. They packed the houses at all the infamous LA music career making hot spots, such as The Roxy, The Troubadour, Whisky A G0-G0, they even played the Chuck Landis Country Club to packed events. Well, today is no different when it comes to Odin filling a rock venue full of 80's Metal music fans.

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 Interview: Wild West Steam Fest Pre Party | Part I

The Subject Press was invited to Wild West Steam Fest Pre Party, at DIEGO'S ROCK-N-Roll Bar & Eats, in Santa Ana California. An amazing adventure that Dilly Brigs & Sasha George are able to interview Noele Shannon the Event Producer, experience hearing the intense sound of WANK - 16 Again - The Zero Class. Not to mention many other incredible highlights seen in this video. Come check it out...

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 Muisc Interview: Mauro Q & A

Q - What inspired you to become a musician at such a young age?

I’ve been involved in the arts since I was four and music was a clear destination for me. I remember being ten and always on stage giving my all, in love with performing.  Music turned out to be the best way to combine many artistic fields I worked on previously. I see now that behind all these areas I dedicated my childhood to, my ultimate goal was to create and perpetuate my art and by being a music artist that goal is fully achieved. Art has taught me about myself and my music has helped me become who I was meant to be.  

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 Interview : 12 Gauge Embrace Behind the Scenes

12 Gauge Embrace
Behind the scenes of new music video “Goner.”
Sound Matrix Studios

Our TSP (The Subject Press) team arrived early at the Sound Matrix Studios in Santa Ana California. Katlyn Rose, Kaley, (journalists/photography) Thomas (staff) and me, Dilly, walked around the outside taking pictures to document our journey there. We met up with Jim Harnish (vocals) shortly after and went inside to watch set up. As the rest of the band members trickled in to help, you could feel the slight tingle of electricity in the air as they got things ready. We knew we were experiencing something most do not get to see, let alone have permission to be in the midst of filming their filming, of their hit song “Goner.” We knew we were going to be able to bring something phenomenal and new to our and to 12 Gauge Embrace viewers.

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