Dilly and I, (an phenomenal crew) would like to say thank you so much for all who supported us throughout the year. We are so appreciative to all whom allowed us to present great interview video's and empowering articles. Through that support our great adventures have definitely left a commendable mark in all creative genre's in Orange County, California.

The great news is our unique 'think outside the box' skillsets has impressed a many onlookers. Of course, offering us an opportunity to make new advancements in our careers. With these new chances our journey will continue to make us apart of your lives, and inspirations through different media employment.

With that said. The Subject Press establishment is now on hiatus with no true date of when we will return to our establish OC (Orange County / California) press site home. Again, thank you for all that you've contributed to making this place most dependable hot spot for your interest. Wish us luck!

 Review: Unsolved Supernaturals | Ryan Bergara & Shane Madej

By sheer happenstance on YouTube I found a show that has merged two of my favorite topics (Supernatural and History) together in a well balance outcome. That show is through Buzzfeed called Unsolved Supernaturals. Where the two show host, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, are ongoing investigators seeking to find if ghost are real. There are other supernatural perspectives they share aside from ghost, such as – Aliens, Bermuda Triangle, and Big foot to name a few.

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 Interview: Face Value Comics

In this day and age, there are many different forms of comic books and their heroes, none, however, that we have seen encompass heroes with ASD and other forms of these advantages, as their main featured comic book hero character's positive power. Most would touch on these differences as a negative.

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 Review: Rosie Tran and Friends

If you love to laugh then you really need to venture to one of Laugh Atonics comedy shows, featured at the Rec Room Comedy Club in Huntington Beach, California, where the atmosphere is inviting. This nights comedians were spot on and had the crowd roaring with laughs. We heard the different stylings of comedians John Johnson, Mark Gonzales, RJ Sains, Greg Roque, and Keith Reza, before our comedic actress Rosie Tran, of National Lampoon and the hit comedy series “Raising Hope” took over.

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 Johnny Zurba/ Casey Royer Garage Rehab Unveiling. With Richard Rawlings and the Garage Rehab Crew

Recently Richard Rawlings and his talented team of automotive engineers of the “Gas Monkey Garage” (Dallas Texas) were in Orange County, California. They were here for the big unveiling of Johnny Zurba / Casey Royers shop for their television show “Garage Rehab.”

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