Community: TACA Conference with Keynote advocate speaker Erin Brockovich

One of the most important things about being a differently challenged family is, being able to receive services for our loved ones who need it....and in addition, to understand what's going on, in a world different than what society is used to as the norm. It's hard to know how to start this very personal journey....a journey most don't plan on and is very individualized. The majority of families do not know what information is best geared for our children or how to start receiving necessary services...or even what is the right option, as many don't feel they have many options, to begin with

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 Interview: Visiting Visitor -- Where they are now.

The stage name, Downtown Joey Brown, still rings familiar to many in the music industry and fans alike. That name came from Joey Barrios forming and being the guitarist for the 90's Metal band Visitor.

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 The Rec Room with Aida Rodriguez, Keith Reza and friends

It was a night of hard-hitting laughs at the cool new sleek comedy club, The Rec Room, in Huntington Beach, California. The Rec Room emblem shined with a bright blue glow on the front doors, where we held our first interview of the night with funny man Keith Reza. Reza tells us about his ongoing podcast and of several of the big name comics that he himself has been able to interview and get more information out, about whatever projects they have coming up. Along with the other things he's working on now. Make sure to click on that interview and check out what he has going on and where you can follow him to catch his next show.

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 On Location: The Thunderous Roar of A Thousand Horses

At a packed house, in a squished intimate setting, A Thousand Horses fans converged in amped up anticipation at the Slidebar Rock and Roll venue for a surprise free show. The crowd was thick but I had a secured spot to rock with friends amongst fans up front, when the thunderous roar of A Thousand Horses took and shook the stage on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017. The twinkling twilight stage is small, so the men of  A Thousand Horses easily filled the space with their appealing southern appearance and calling voices, but there was no room for the angelic sounding harmonizing ladies of the group to join them. Although the ladies were missed being seen, the crammed crowd swaying to their sexy sound got over it, as the band opened with the newest and most energetic track “Burn Like Willie” from their newest EP “Bridges.” Which got the place pumped.

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